Sunday, February 17, 2013


Fangs Cap from OS Accessories
Jaws necklace from OS Accessories
Seagnome earring from OS Accessories
Shirt from KTZ via Screaming
Trousers from Unisex
Creepers from Demonia

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Walrus Cap from OS Accessories
Spine necklace from OS Accessories
Sweater from Teenage Odyssey via Screaming
Trousers from Unisex
Givenchy sandals

I've waited for this sweater for quite a while! It's from a Taiwanese brand called Teenage Odyssey. Their latest collection has really cool patches at the back and on the sleeves. I'm a huge fan of patches because it reminds me of how my Mom used to personalize my jackets and jeans when I was a kid. She would fill it up with a mix of basketball, cartoons, and Christian patches (like I <3 Jesus) lol. I also fell in love right at the moment I saw the print snake at the back cos I have a sick obsession with snakes! I was also born on the year of the snake (Chinese year) and it's so apt cos it's also the year of the snake now. I'm not sure if this would make sense but my friends always say that if I become an animal, I'll be a snake no doubt cos my physical features look so mean and cunning. In real life I'm quite the contrary though to be honest. 

You can find Teenage Odyssey from Screaming! Just message them on their Facebook page. The prices are pretty affordable but you won't regret it cos the cotton they used is so comfy. Shipping from Taiwan is so conveniently cheap and fast too. Crazyyyyy

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Long Clothing beanie
Unschld diy tank shirt
Gian Romano jeans
Buffalo platform sneakers via Solestruck
OS Accessories Bone Cuff
OS Accessories Spinal Cord Harness

all photos by Koji Arboleda