Friday, February 24, 2012

My undying childhood games.

Velvet blazer from Proudrace
#1 Crush shirt from Proudrace
Painted jeans, gift from Bryan Goh
Boots from Dr Martens

All photos by Edric Chen. Visit his blog at

One thing I probably miss the most right now is playing activity games outside with friends. 

When I was young, every after school I would always hurry up to go home. Then I'd follow my routine: remove my dirty shirt, my dirty blue trousers, and my throw my socks and ugly leather shoes so I could play outside with all my friends in the village. 

During my grade school days, we used to live in a small village called "Palmera" in Rizal. Most of the kids on my street were nearly my age that's why it wouldn't be surprising to hear us running, screaming, and laughing every afternoon. We used to be a big group of energetic sweaty kids who wouldn't stop playing until it gets dark, or in my case, until 5 PM because it would be time to watch my all-time favorite anime show Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho).

Since we were a big group, whenever we played games we always divided ourselves into subgroups. I always got voted as the the leader because I was  really good at making fast decisions. And at the same time, it was quite innate in me to order people around (I think I still have that ability now). I was always a very competitive leader (and I think I still have this ability until now too). I always chose either the athletic kids or the pretty kids as group members because, aside from my silent love for beauty even as a kid, I also wanted to be the better team. I made sure we were all ahead of our game.

We had a long list of games. From habulan (tag), tagu-taguan (hide & seek), langi't lupa (similar to tag but with different rules), football (football played as baseball), and more local games such as agawan base, patintero, syato, tumbang-preso, turumpo, teks, and the list would go on and on. We even came up with a game of catching grasshoppers and putting them on bottles. The most grasshoppers caught wins the game (poor grasshoppers).

To me, they were all my best friends - every single one of them. Aside from being a competitive leader, I was also a very loyal listener. They would tell me stories about their good grades and their failing grades. I was the first to know who their crushes were because they knew I wouldn't tell anyone about it. They would complain how much they hated their Moms for scolding them because of their unfinished homework. They'd tell me the jokes they picked up from school (most of the time dirty). They would confess who they didn't like from the group, but of course I always stayed neutral because I treated everyone equally. I always listened intently and made little comments when needed. I made it to a point that I had everyone's trust.

Even though my skin always got burned from the sun, and I had so many mosquito bites on my legs and blisters on my feet, everything was worth it because I had the best childhood ever.

Sadly, we moved out of the village after grade school and I had to say goodbye to all my playmates. I never saw each of their happy faces ever again.

There are events in life you cannot repeat. 

Lately I've been constantly daydreaming of playing outside with friends again. As much as I want to, time has already changed the world. The kids of our generation today have already outgrown playing outside. They rather play computer games or watch television indoors. Technology has replaced our favorite patintero and tumbang-preso. It's a sad and bitter reality.

Because I can't turn back time, I'm going to adjust with it. Instead of just reminiscing the past, I'll just apply what I've learned to my challenges today. My plan is to meet new faces. Who knows one of them can turn into a long-term friend. I'll always be available and ready to listen to people who needs someone to talk to. I'll be more playful. When I'm stressed out, instead of complaining, I'll just find ways to relieve tension like playing Pokemon on Nintendo DS. I'm going to love the sun more. No more hiding indoors. I'll start exploring what's outside and have a little adventure. Lastly, I'll always be ahead of my game. I'm gonna stop whining whenever I feel defeated. Anyway, there is never a big problem when you ask for a little help from friends. TheBeatles

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keepin' it authentic.

Glasses from a friend
Tartan shirt, trousers, and apron skirt from Proudrace
Dr Martens cherry boots

Edric Chen inspired me in so many different ways yesterday while we were trekking The Fort for a good spot to shoot. He kept on saying "To be successful, you got to find your core" over and over. It was so interesting because I had been thinking a lot about finding out who I am and keeping how to keep myself authentic in whatever I do. For the longest time it was just all in my head and I just couldn't put it into words. Thanks Edric for pointing important things out to me.

Even though I have a big number of following in tumblr, I chose to switch to blogspot for a reason: I want to keep my blog authentic. One night, I went through my blog and got to a point where I got so disappointed with myself because I found so many trashy posts that didn't reflect who I am. For some time, I lost touch of myself in this shallow scene of fashion events and marketing promotions. 

Two years ago I probably thought I was "cool" and "famous" because I got invited to all these events. I took photos of all these beautiful people so my blog post about the event would be filled with pretty faces. That way I could catch readers's attention and they would think that I was an important person too because I was there.

Looking back, it felt like I was whoring myself for fame and blog views.

90% of the time, coming home from an event made me feel so empty. I prepared and dressed up for an hour and spent 200 peso ($7) cab ride for an event that had no personal relation nor involvement with me whatsoever. Then after that, I'd blog about it and make it sound like it was such an amazing night even though none of it really connected to my personal interests and beliefs. 

This year, I'm keeping it authentic 100%.

Never lose yourself in the online social media. Whether you're blogging about an outfit post or a fashion event, or just simply tweeting or posting a status on Facebook, always make sure that you're keeping it authentic. Only blog about things that have an effect on you and never be afraid to say "no". That's a part of learning how to select and choose. Lastly, Never make fame and money your core because, trust me, it will lead you nowhere. 

All photos from Edric Chen. If you want to be inspired, visit

OS Vol. 3 sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peek of something we're working on for OS Vol. 3. 
On April 2012, it's S34PUNK 4EVER

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laneway Festival Singapore 2012

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival was so surreal! Even though the sun was scorching hot (imagine staying under the sun at 31 °C!), Fort Canning Park was jam-packed with a sea of  hipsters indie music fans singing and dancing while the bands played in full blast. Feet aching, throats sore, everyone bathing in sweat; oh yeah everyone had such an amazing time!

The concert started at 1pm but everyone was already lining up an hour ahead. I was so impressed seeing Fort Canning Park for the first time! It's so perfect because it's a slightly downward grassy hill where everyone could just chill and sit down anywhere and still see the stage perfectly because it was set up at the bottom. Most of my friends stayed on the side where there was shade, but I ensured my spot near the stage. I'm kool like dat.

The drinks were pretty expensive though (8 SGD for a beer!) but I just couldn't watch a concert without it.

The rock show kicked off with Cults! I wasn't really a fan of them til that day. They sound so good live! I loved how Madeline swayed her dress while she sang every word by heart.

I only discovered Yuck late last year. Shook Down was on my "feel-good" playlist. I downloaded their full album just last month, and until now all their songs are on repeat!

Daniel Blumberg was so beautiful! He was in an all-denim outfit with cherry Dr Martens, but his husky soulful voice was what really stood out the most. I got shivers all over my body when they played Shook Down. I fell in love with Yuck over and over. (No kidding)


Chairlift was also a good band that I unexpectedly liked. Their only song that I know was Bruises. Caroline Polachek sang with so much power and emotion! All the songs they played sound so original. Definitely under my favorite act list.

This guy was just crazy! I love his blue mohawk and his pink shirt and jeans!

It felt like going into a different planet when Austra entered the stage. I was forewarned that they do crazy sh*t on stage, and they did. The band members looked like an astral Indian gang! They were dressed up in black and gold with enormous gold necklaces. The power vocalist Katie Stelmanis sang in her operatic voice as the back-up singers made ridiculously infectious movements on the sides. I was dancing the whole time, but I started twitching when Beat and the Pulse started playing! It was so good! I also got to meet their back-up dancers in a flea market the next day which was really cool!

I love you Raya.

It was also so cool randomly seeing the owner of our (OS) stockist in Malaysia, Yu Mei. Look, she's wearing the Birdskull!

Girls sang kicked off with an I Will Always Love You cover as a tribute to Whitney Houston. They sound better live but unfortunately they didn't sing my favorite song Vomit.

I and AJ freaked out when The Drums came out! They were probably one of the reasons why we really pursued Laneway even though the whole Singapore trip was slightly out of our budget. We play their songs on iTunes every single day! They started with What You Were from their second album Portamento and followed it up with Best Friend. It was so funny because there were three Chinese boys in front of us who started hugging each other when Best Friend played! Sweet! The best moment was when the vocalist, Jonathan Pierce, told the crowd that it was hot on the grounds but it was also hot on stage. So to be fair, he'd dance if the crowd would dance, and vice versa. Then the band played Money and everyone was jumping up and down and dancing like crazy! 

I was already so tired and hungry when Anna Calvi came out so I and AJ rushed to McDonalds for a quick dinner break. When we came back, Twin Shadow was already making the crowd dancing! They were also so good but I didn't make it on time to take pictures.

Laura Marling has an enormous following in Singapore! They were all shouting her name before and after her show! 

I was also so impressed with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart! I tried listening to their album before Laneway but didn't really like it. They're one of the bands that can change your mind after hearing them  live. 

Unlike most of the other bands, the genius Chazwick of Toro Y Moi prepared his own set which really cool. It didn't take too long when he had everyone dancing with New Beat, Talamak, and Still Sound. His stuff just sound different live because it had so much heavy drums and runs. I liked his songs because they're good for a steady chill. Nevertheless he still rocked it.

Feist was so hardcore! Most of the songs she sang were from her latest album, which is a bit more heavy rock compared to her previous ones. She kicked off with My Moon, My Man along with her incredible back-up singers. Her most unforgettable moment was when she said she'd do something no band in the right mind would do. That would be singing a very little flower of a song, hoping that the crowd would sing along and make it big. She sang So Sorry and it seemed like everyone knew the lyrics! I only knew the chorus. fail.

The Horrors was probably the most beautiful band I've seen, ever. The band members were also so chic and lanky in their full black outfits!

Just right after The Horrors, everyone was screaming M-8-3! Blinding flashing lights suddenly took off and the keyboard started playing the epic Intro. It was literally so surreal. It felt like you're being engaged in a cosmic space voyage. The experience chilled me to the bones! Everyone raised their hands and swayed to the synth beats like members in gospel churches. The whole crowd shook Fort Canning when Kim & Jessie started playing, and the same feeling went on in Reunion and We Own The Sky. But Midnight City was just intense! Everybody were howling it's intro while the whole M83 band were jumping up and down on stage. They said they were having the time of their lives! It must be that good for them too! After the concert, and until now, I still have an M83 hangover. No kidding.

Even though we had so much problems with booking and rebooking flights, and getting lost in Singapore, everything was so worth it! We'll definitely be back for Laneway Festival next year!