Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sweater with hoodie, Jesus Christ shirt, and Tee maxidress all from Proudrace
Jeans from Gian Romano
Boots from Demonia

No, this isn't my Halloween outfit. It's strange because even when I was a kid, I've never been a big fan of Halloween. I barely go to Halloween parties. I don't like dressing up as a zombie, vampire, or worse as a tamagotchi character or a slutty mouse. I think I already wear too much layers of dark clothes with piles of my skeletal accessories that Halloween becomes another ordinary day. It's not for everyone.

I got this as a gift from my really good friend Bryan Goh from Singapore. He's one of my favorite fashion bloggers ever. I'm really glad I met him in person when I was in Singapore for Laneway Festival. He's surprsingly really kind! 

It's actually weird because most of the bloggers who have dark/alternative sense of fashion style are so nice and carefree in person just like my friends Karl, Kookie, and Nadia. Quite the contrary, the girl bloggers with the colorful mullet dresses, flowery tops, and neon-colored accessories are more attracted to juicy twitter catfights and online burn books.

We're now staring to visualize and patch up our moodboard for OS Vol. 4. The direction for the new collection is dope. Check out some of the tracks we're listening in the workroom:

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Seacage Cap from OS
Pullover with hoodie from Proudrace
Camouflage pants from Proudrace
Creepers from Underground

It's pretty much raining the whole day today. I was supposed to go out for a haircut (is it obvious that I'm wearing cap all the time?) but I just stayed home and drank green tea while working all morning. It's currently our country's Fashion Week, but this season I can't help not be excited about it as much as I used to 2-3 years ago. I'll be there tomorrow though because my friend's styling Lee. Kinda excited about it! 


The Lochness Harness is pretty easy to pull off in outfit. I like it very much!

My most favorite creepers got destroyed a few weeks ago. It was used for a fashion show but the model's feet was too big for it. Sadly the double-decked soles had to be stitched to stay intact. I don't think it looks that bad though.

Right after this post I'll continue packing all the bones and crustaceans we are sending to our store partners in Taiwan! I'm so excited with distributing OS's latest collection to our store partners and see how our really cool bone customers style them! You can check out our list of stockists here. There may be one near you! I took a few photos earlier because the all the bones and crustaceans look really good together in our workroom. It gets a little (okay, a lot) messy in our workroom when the shipment deadline is near!


As you see I'm not even halfway done with bubble-wrapping! My puppy Buck has been really really insistent with playing with me the whole morning. He's been messing everyone around the whole day--popping the bubbles in the bubble wraps and leaving bite marks on the big freight boxes!

"I am very naughty today!"

We'll probably play after dinner. AJ is cooking a very special meal and we're gonna watch my freshly downloaded Paranormal Activity 4! It's gonna scare the shit out of him for sure just like all the other horror films we watch. Haha!

Check out Holy Ghost!'s new single "It Gets Dark". I think their new album is going to be dark compared to their previous 80's-ish album. I prefer the songs on the previous one but this is a very good track too!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Walrus Cap from OS
Spacecrab Choker from OS
Shark shirt from Proudrace
Shorts from Oxygen
Shoes from Dr. Martens

Who says sea fashion is only for summer? The dark and vicious creatures of the sea are still very apt for the sheer cold breeze of fall and winter fashion. Don't you think? Killer sharks, creepy crustaceans, sea devils, and even the dark ocean waves can be perfect symbols of the dusky elements in fall/winter fashion. You can probably leave all the cheery aquarium guppies and neon jellyfishes for summer and bring out the aquatic savages for fall.

I tried to incorporate all these dark sea creatures in this outfit. Walrus is known to inhabit the cold northern regions of the Atlantic Ocean. The Black Lobster (found in Sweden) look so violent and raw compared to it's other crustacean family. And the shark, of course, is popular for being the most brutal beast of the ocean.

Walrus Cap from OS

Here's the Shark print shirt from Proudrace's F/W 2012-2013 called "Dark Waves". They recently just released their latest collection. Check out the other pieces on their website

Dr. Martens shoes and Buck!

I like you to meet Buck! He's my new best friend. He's a "Puggle" (half Pug, half Beagle). Puggles are naturally sweet and very friendly. They also like to be touched and they love the attention so much. Whenever he's sleepy, he'll lie on top of my feet (or when I'm sitting on the floor, he'll lie on top of my legs!) and doze off. He likes licking people too-even strangers! Probably not a good dog to take care of the house but a good dog for companion. He's my ultimate stress reliever. I want to go on and on but there' s too much info about Buck; I think I'm going to write a different blog post about him in the future.

Speaking of Fall, I found this track somewhere while I was reading music blogs. It's my chill song of the moment! The Fall by Rhye. Listen to it below.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I just want to let you guys know that OS has just restocked more bones online! That means more skeletons and exoskeletons for your closet! Make sure to visit the online shop at www.os-accessories.com/shop.htm!



Oceanglider Aviator Cap from OS
Sweater from Unknown
A$AP Rocky shirt from Unknown
Trousers from Unisex
Prawnkiller cuff from OS
Rev Man Boots from The Damned
Glasses from Terminal Inc (Ronac Art Center, San Juan City)

Let me try to say this in A$AP Rocky lyrics:

What my shirt says is a reminder of what I need right now. Be a pretty motherfucker. It's so hard to stay cool when put in a lot of stress. There are a couple of tasks undone listed on my mind that I have to do right after this post. Sucks! I wish we could all just get high and touch the sky til we can't even function. LiveLoveA$AP music trip all day. Don't you agree? It sucks that we have to work hard and run fast to live the life we want. Working so so hard for the KTZ shirts and the discounted second-hand Givenchy sweaters on eBay with the Jeremy Scott Adidas and Maison Martin Margiela three-snap sneakers. Although at the end of the day I honestly ain't complaining. Everything's all good stress. I'd rather keep working, never chilling, til I reach a million. I'm sure someday all this hard work shit will be converted into billion.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Shirt from KTZ
Pants from Unisex
Aquademon Cap from OS
Jaws necklace from OS
Seacatacomb magnetic cuff from OS
Rev Man Boots from The Damned

It feels like forever since I last blogged! Unlike most kids, I don't really take blogging too seriously. Not that I don't want to, but it's just I can't find the time to really write about things happening about my life. I'm doing so much things right now for OS that sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with my online life. I barely even open my Facebook anymore! I only go online when I want to check out new songs from Stereogum or Pitchfork or if I feel like reading my favorite bookmarked fashion blogs. My real life has finally overtaken my online life after years of spending so much time clicking links online. You have to admit that most kids from our generation now spend more time browsing random photos on Tumblr than going outside to do real work and meet people. 

Although now, I am back and I promised myself I'll be blogging at least twice a week. It's also nice to keep one to document the good (and the ugly) events that happen in my life as well as my new clothes that deserve an outfit post.

I finally got the KTZ shirt I've been eyeing on for a long time! It came from KTZ F/W 2012, which is I think they're best collection ever. I'm a huge huge sucker for church/occult symbols and their latest collection have pretty much all of it printed on their pieces! They look really good with my horns and bones don't you think? Occult symbols mixed with bones and horns never fail! The shirts are quite expensive but I managed to squeeze two pieces out of my budget. Thanks to my good friend Cedric from Screaming boutique in Taiwan. He stocks a lot of KTZ goods there as well as OS and a lot more crazy pieces! If you're from Taiwan, I suggest you visit his store! Check out his Facebook page here for details.

Closer look of the Aquademon Cap.

Seacatacomb Magnetic Cuff. This is probably one of my favorite pieces from OS Vol. 3!

Jaws necklace.

I can't wait for the new Crystal Castles album! Sometimes I wonder why I was born in the Philippines. Not that I hate it, it's just only a few cool bands come here to play. We're already lucky when we got The Radio Dept on our city. I wish they bring Crystal Castles in the real soon!