Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I went out with my friends last weekend for a short trip to Nuvali, Tagaytay. It was my first time to go to Nuvali so it was pretty awesome. On the way we were all taking turns with spinning a song from our iPods to create the perfect road trip playlist. Everything was really refreshing; there was a tiny glimpse of the rainbow hiding in between the clouds. The whole moment felt like I was inside a Tumblr dashboard. In short, it was really fun!

We took the P30/person-boat trip that lasted for 10 minutes. Not bad at all!

That Crystal Castles album pose.

Then we played Willar's "Shake, Shake, Shampoo" on the grass with our socks on! I was wearing my 4-inch boxer shoes so I had to take them off. Then everyone else did :)

Willar is a good bubble-blower.

Friends forever moment!

We ate in Gerry's Grill and ended up paying around P250 each. It was a very expensive meal for poor kids like us.

We went straight to Fete festival after. It was also really cool; I ended up dancing almost the whole night. I wish I could show it to you but no one was taking photos anymore. I miss my camera very, very much.

Photoshoot & some 80's.

Last summer, I and my newfound good friend Anton Aguila went to his place to do little shoots for his portfolio (and for my blog! lol). He's a very nice and talented guy who dreams big of becoming a professional photographer one day. I'm sure it won't be too long before his dream catches him! We roamed around BF Homes in Paranaque with my big suitcase to look for a good spot that will match my clothes. His photos look really good and I'm very very happy with the outcome.

I'm a terrible model, I know. It may not seem like it but I always get shy in front of cameras. If I could just always look away when someone takes a photo of me, I will. I just let my clothes speak for me and the emotions I want to convey. Check them out!

In other news, I watched Rock of Ages last night and it was so terrible! It's like watching a more adult version of Glee. The main characters were too beautiful and clean-looking for a film about one of the best rock eras of all time. It's strange though because the film gave a lasting effect on me! My current playlist is full of 80's rock ballad anthems that my Mom used to play on a Saturday morning when I was kid. I was listening to this while on a cab on my way home and I couldn't help feel like I was a character in Ryan Gosling's "Drive". Anyway it gives me so much good vibes; you may like it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HEART ATTACK: The Emergency Room Party

Last Saturday night (6/9/12) was the first of the MLA OTHRGRND parties that will be happening this year. Manila Otherground is the new Manila Underground where the underground kids and Manila's society bigwigs meet in the middle to party. It also holds fashion brands such as Proudrace, Paradigm Shift, Nixon Marquez, OS, and so much more. 

The first party was inspired by Karl Leuterio's birthday. Before he became Gold Dot's shoe designer, he was a nurse! We all dressed up as the people you meet inside the Emergency Room. DJ sets from Ansey, Me, and Badafpunk.

all photos by Karla Ynzon