Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Lace buttondown custom-made from John Chan
Low-crotch pants from Don Protasio
Veggie Rave creepers from Demonia
Ribcage Harness from OS

all photos by Edric Chen

Second part of the Edric Chen series.


Fringe jacket from Proudrace
Purple leopard tank shirt from Salad Day
Boots from Dr. Martens
Spinal Cord Harness from OS

all photos by Edric Chen

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've been following Boys Boys Boys store from Hamburg, Germany ever since I discovered them. I heard it's a pretty small store but with a huge underground cult following. Before I had a deeper knowledge and connection with fashion (like before I knew Garreth Pugh and Riccardo Tisci and before I learned that Alexander McQueen is a designer not a racecar driver), I was into minimal fashion with high dosage of testosterone (if you know what I mean). I feel like I was highly influenced by reading too much articles from fuckingyoung.es and from browsing photos in Boys Boys Boys.

That's why I was excited when our bones got into Boys Boys Boys!


Boy, oh boy!
The bones look so good on him, do you agree?

We sent a number of pieces from Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. If you're near the area, please visit their store and give a huge shoutout from me!

Neuer Kamp 19

20359 Hamburg, Germany
040 52590369


I've been meaning to make a summer playlist in my blog for a while now but for some reason, everything I upload on Soundcloud gets rejected. I found this cool mixtape maker online from www.8tracks.com that easily helps you create mixtapes for your blog. 

I had so much fun uploading but I kept it to 12 tracks instead. I'm gonna post more before June hits! Check it out at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, I had this shoot with Adrian Gonzales a month ago but I haven't had the chance to upload it til now. I kinda miss my pink hair. I currently have purple although it's now a little gray because it already faded and I haven't bought a new dye yet. My friends said my off-purple hair doesn't look bad though so I'm keeping it for a while til my new Manic Panic arrives!

Jacket from Prey
Pants from vintage Paolo Raymundo
Creepers from Demonia
Knuckles ring from OS
Worship Choker from OS

Intro (ft Zola Jesus) by M83
Infinite ♡ Without Fulfillment (intro) by Grimes
Underneath the Stars by The Cure
FFunny Ffrends by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Hearts by oOoOO
I Don't Like This by The Radio Dept.
I'm God by Clams Casino
Coastin by Cities Aviv
Shooting Holes by Twin Shadow
Alison by Slowdive
Try, Try, Try by The Smashing Pumpkins
Sail Away by The Rapture

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Stolen scene from Eraserheads's "With A Smile". How I wish I were that guy right now.

Thrifted shirt
Pants from Don Protasio
Knuckles ring from OS
Creepers from Demonia

all photos by Adrian Gonzales

Summer is nearly over and I feel like I haven't relaxed yet. There's been a lot of things to finish and it sucks because it's nearly June and I haven't gone to a real vacation yet. City life can be very very tiring. I miss going to the province to just chill and wait til' the sun goes down. I miss playing tag and hide and seek with my siblings outside the street until Grandma calls us for dinner.  Time seems so fast and you're pressured to finish something before the day ends. It sucks that I always have to find more ways to earn money.
When this is all over I promise I'm really hitting the beach to get some tan. I hope the rainy season won't come too soon this year. Now I just wish for more playtime before 2012 ends!

You'll get by with a smile.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I haven't been blogging for a while now because of so much work to do for OS. I have eight sets of outfit photos that I haven't posted yet because I don't have time to write anything about it. The list of tasks to do just keeps on getting longer and longer everyday. But today, I'm going to lay back, be 150% real, and blog about how special my Mom is because it's Mother's Day.

Ever since I was a kid, my Mom had been very supportive with everything I do. From acting in stage plays and joining spelling bees (yeah I used to be smart) during my grade school and early high school years to blogging and making bones for a living, she never failed to encourage me to push harder and give 100% in everything I put my heart into. 

I did quite a lot of ways to earn money for myself. I think I learned the tricks of being resourceful with earning money from her. Unlike most of my classmates and friends who could afford everything (the problems of being a regular kid in a private school), I had to work hard to buy me new clothes or even a new phone. I worked in a radio station when I was 14, burned mp3 CDs with customized labels and sold it to my classmates, I did 'buy & sell' Nokia phones to buy an iPod (when it was still P25,000!), I customized beaded ID lace holders, and now, bones. She helped me every time I asked for help especially when it's 5 in the morning and I hadn't slept yet because I still got so much to do. 

That was before, of course. Now I don't get to see her more often. I'm independent now. I miss her a lot especially when I'm so stressed out because I get really depressed. When I get to that depressed stage, I'll call her and she'll ask me to come home. She'll cook my favorite 'Fried Tilapia' or 'Pork Sinigang' (local delicacies) and she'll ask my Dad to buy Pepsi Max or strawberry ice cream. After that we'll watch a movie or play cards then I'm happy again. The happiness you get from the simple kind of life is incomparable to what the big world can give you.

She knows exactly how to make me happy and motivated inside that's why I love her very much.

Just last Christmas she got me this home-made black magic mug. (My Mom has printers for everything!) If you pour hot water, pictures come out!

So cheesy, right? Haha! But honestly, this mug is very important to me. Every morning the first thing I'll do is make coffee, and I always drink from this mug because it gives me good vibes to get me through the day. 

And she got me this...

She edited it herself! Sometimes the most simple gifts are the most heartfelt. These are the two best and memorable gifts I received ever.

Happy Mother's Day Ma! I love you always!

I'm coming home tonight to treat her The Avengers :)

I can't finish this blog post without the famous Spice Girls song! It's a must on Mother's Day! So here it is:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Pastel dentist shirt from Salad Day
Hologram shirt from Paradigm Shift
Leather shorts from Proudrace
Cosmic leggings from Black Milk
Creepers from Demonia
Bone Cuff and Knuckles ring from OS

all photos by Adrian Gonzales

Happy Labor Day! I'm celebrating it like a pro because today is the very first day I'll be celebrating Labor Day without a day job. Since I was 18 I've already been working full-time in a call center and I know exactly how it feels to sit for eight fuckin hours solving other people's problems. Four wasted years of my life. 

For those who are still stuck in your day jobs and night jobs, if you like it, keep it. If you don't, quit and start a business. I'm telling you guys business is the way to go! Create a business that you think you could do forever and would inspire you to wake up every morning. I and AJ started OS as a very small business based on art and fashion since that's what we both like. For the first operating quarter it was running on a low income but it got better later on. Just like all businesses, it needs a huge amount of patience and hard work. But unlike a regular job, you sow what you reap. If you put in more effort, you reap more from it unlike a set monthly salary.

Today I'm celebrating all the years I've wasted working for greedy corporations and how I got out of it. I feel so free doing what I love now and it feels so good!

I know I can be good at what I like to do if I put 100% focus on it. I'm too dope for day jobs shit. 

Been obsessing with Spaceghostpurrp lately. He's like my audio moodboard for OS Vol. 3.

Just to remind you guys! OS is still currently on an anniversary sale! 
Visit www.os-accessories.com for details.