Saturday, March 31, 2012


Just yesterday I got two cool drawings inspired from my looks on I have to be honest I felt so ecstatic inside when I saw them because somehow, something about my outfits inspired them. It's an unexplainable happy feeling. I want to say a big thanks to Mikes of My Hyper Imagination and Sah of Cosmic Wonder Boy!

 I always thought I would be doing something artistic since I was a kid. I drew a lot when I was younger. All my books and notebooks from Grade school til' college was full of doodles from Power Rangers, to dinosaurs, Street Fighters, X-Men, Sky Dancers, Pokemon, and even drawings of turning my friends into mythical creatures. I also drew on an entire sketchbook filled with imaginary characters that had the same face (inspired from The Nightmare before Christmas) but with different outfits. I think I had always been in love with the idea of changing a character's disposition through changing his clothes.

Unfortunately I stopped drawing when I got a full-time job (the moment I turned 18). Now my drawing kinda sucks. I still know how to sketch but I'm sure it used to be way better. If only I got a good art teacher that would teach me technical drawing when I was younger, I'd probably be really good at it now. Okay, that's a bad excuse. But still.

My younger brother (age 14) is really really good at sketching. Last Christmas I gave him art books and materials that he can read and study because I'm encouraging him to pursue art. He should because he's innately talented at it. I believe that if you know what your innate skills are, you should improve it. It wasn't given to you without a purpose. Unfortunately my parents are discouraging him because they said there's no money in art (which is highly untrue). My Dad wants him to be a lawyer even though his personality isn't really meant to be one. He's going to college real soon and I hate to see him go the wrong way. I just hope he makes the right decisions for himself.

In other news, this song's stuck in my head for almost a week but I don't know where to download it. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've been busy multi-tasking for quite some time lately. I and AJ are finishing the samples for our next collection in OS. It's pretty exciting because the third collection will be a bit different and unexpected. I can't wait to just release them! I've also been trying to update this blog as much as possible because it cheers me up when I have a new blog post. 

I rewarded myself with a night out with friends (yes I deserve a reward). I hung out with Bruce, Rutherford, Karla, and Willar last night. It was meant to be a Pizza Party but since we all waited for Bruce to finish his fashion show, we ended up hanging out in Moonleaf for a Tea Party. Sucks! Sucks more because it only lasted for 30 minutes. We had a great time driving to Moonleaf though so it wasn't really a waste. 

Anyway whenever you're with  your friends, you'll always have a good time whatever happens. Time well spent. It's morphine time!

Bart Simpsons shirt from SM
Tartan apron skirt and pants from Proudrace
Creepers from Underground
Overbite Cap from OS


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I finally got a hold of one of the shiny triangle shirt from Paradigm Shift's latest collection, SHINY. Since the designers, Karl and Mike, are both my close friends, I got to see the sneak peek weeks before they released. I was also in the shoot although the only help I did was to eat the pizza and look pretty. 

From Paradigm Shift: An attempt to combine 2 opposing elements: Bold silver metallics and grey drapey garments were condensed to form this collection. With a specific focus on shirts, jackets, waistcoats and pants, an elaboration of different and usual forms , fabric and silhouettes are presented. Entitled Shiny, our fascination with hardwares and metallics has translated in creating a new measure of fun and transformable clothes, making each piece a personal experience... an extension to one's body.

 I love how they combined their forever aesthetic of drapes with metallic silver sheets. It feels like Japanese street space wear. I tried to achieve a galactic space skateboarder look. Here's what happened:

Yeah I know you can't really skate with creepers unless you want to stumble and fall all the time. But what the hell.

Shiny shirt from Paradigm Shift
Inner jacket (rolled up) from Paolo Raymundo
Scowl-neck shirt from Oxygen
Shorts and leggings from Proudrace
Creepers from Underground
Overbite Cap from OS

You can check out the rest of their collection and shop at their website. Visit

Check out this M-Flo track from his latest album, Square One. It's got SHINY all over the lyrics!



Nope this wasn't intentionally curated to be messy. My room was really chaotic yesterday. Probably the worst it could ever be. All my clothes and shoes were scattered everywhere - insane! My room wasn't intruded by a thief or something like that. Everything was a coincidence. I bought a new batch of clothes, fresh clothes from the laundry came in, and I searched for the shirt I want to post on my Lookbook account. Each time I pulled out a shirt from the closet, clothes fell off. I stacked all the clothes that fell along with the new ones on a chair but they fell off too. Everything was in disorder!

I was thinking of a good lie to explain why my clothes were all over the place. I couldn't think of anything so I planned to just say I was raided by a bunch of water Pokemons. Seems to be a pretty good excuse to me. Water Pokemons can be very very rowdy.

Before I started fixing them, I wanted to try diving into a sea of clothes. It was really fun I suggest you try it some time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Feeling giddy like a $34H0R$3

STATUS Magazine made a sweet little feature about me and my daily life in their website. It's kind of a big thing for me because they're the only young and hip magazine in Manila that I really read. I'm sure a lot can attest to that. I had so much fun answering their quirky questions! Even though I woke up really stressed out this Monday morning because of rushed orders for OS, and also my hair is so messy (I may need a good haircut soon), this really made my day. Thank you Rosario and to the whole STATUS magazine team! Read the entire feature here.

 feeling giddy like a $34H0R$3

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Ever since I laid my eyes on a very colorful editorial from Pigeons and Peacocks early last year, I'd been obsessing with all the W&LT clothes they used for styling. I researched it online but found no clothing shop that stocks it. I later found out that W&LT, or Wild And Lethal Trash, only existed during the 90's. It was created by the forever avant-garde designer Walter Van Beirendonck (former member of the Antwerp Six) who is known for his ultra-colorful designs. 

W&LT F/W 1996

I tried to look for vintage shirts and street style photos of kids wearing W&LT but found very few images. Almost 90% of what I found were from Japanese blogs. It's insane because they just randomly find W&LT shirts from vintage clothing stores. I don't think I still have to stress out how much I love Japanese fashion. 

One of his most known works was when he styled for U2's Popmart tour. Those who lived the glory of the 90's would never forget his iconic BLOW-UP muscle-jackets.

I researched online why a very different and creative brand like W&LT would close down during the period where his aesthetic for fashion was in. From an interview he said that the company's backer, Mustang, tried to get involved with the brand's image. He later on decided to step out of it. That's what happens when the corporate fucks with creativity.

I have so much respect for Walter Van Beirendonck as a designer. From an interview, he was asked who he is as a designer and how he described his designs. He said:

Despite the fact that the first impression you get when looking at my collections is of color and fun, I do invest a lot of energy and research in the stories I want to tell, the statements I want to make, and the messages I want to communicate. So there is always a second (more loaded) layer in the collection. This makes me a designer with a recognizable signature, one who is ready to push the boundaries. In am not afraid to do it my way. 

I think his style caters to a specific crowd or to a specific period of time. From all the colors and the prints that exploded in Fashion weeks last year and this year, his fashion designs are now in trend again. It's just the right time for his works to be celebrated again. Just recently, Antwerp Fashion Museum opened an exhibit for his timeless clothes (before, during, and after W&LT). It covered 30 years of his works. Amazing! I really wish I saw the gallery in person.

GQ also published an editorial that celebrates Walter Van Beirendonck's works for March 2012 issue. Photos by Nick Knight.

His F/W 2012 collection, Lust Never Sleeps, also received a lot of praises from the critics. It's a mixture of Texas Chainsaw Massacre face masks, Clockwork Orange, and voodoo priest face painting. 

Thanks to fashion designer, and my friend, Don Protasio for making my dreams come true. He agreed to trade a Birdskull necklace for his vintage W&LT shirt. Sweet! I wore it with my 90's Paolo Raymundo pants, Demonia creepers, and Spinal Cord Harness from OS. The toy gun is an extra; I just thought it compliments my outfit. By the way, try not to look at the hangers beside me. I couldn't control when our neighbor would do the laundry.


Check out a W&LT video I found online. It's the W&LT alphabet for F/W 1996 Pleasure Principle Productions. Listen to the lyrics carefully. It defined what the brand was all about!

A for Alien Anarchy
B for Beads and Be Daring
C for Cosmic Culture Clash
D for Disco Geishas
E is easy to buy, easy to wear
G stands for glam and glitter
H means Heart, Hope, and Heroes
I is me, and Imagination
J is Jam, Jeans, and music
L is lethal and love
M stands for Mustang and Money
N for new and nights together
O means OKAY
PUKPUK and Poodle Punks start with a P
Q stands for Queen
R for Rebel and Robots
S for star and space angels
T for trash and techno tribes
U is who we want
V stands for Vibrations, Vision, and Vicious
X is Excitement
Y? because You are Young!
Z for Zany

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Rick Owens shirt from (P)unknown
Overbite Cap from OS
Bone Cuff from OS
Trousers gift from Toxicdiscoboy
Dr. Martens shoes

My friend's coming up with his new apparel line called (P)unknown really soon! There was a sample sale in Cubao X last Friday night. This Rick Owens shirt is the first thing I bought. It's so badass! I can't wait to see the rest of his collection.

It would be an understatement if I say Rick Owens is my idol. In the fashion industry, he's like the Lordf4ck3r of all the Moth3rf4ckrs. Too bad because I can't afford his line. It's too expensive for a poor boy like me. Maybe in the future.


I be that pretty mothafucka, Harlem's what I'm reppin
Tell my niggas quit the bitching and we gon' make it in a second
Never disrespected plus I'm well connected
With this coke that I imported, just important as your president
Swagger so impressive and I don't need a necklace
But these bitches get impressed when you pull up in that 7
Them 6's them Benzes, I gets get the freshest
Raf Simons, Rick Owens usually what I'm dressed in


I've already seen Daniel Palillo's A/W 2012 collection a month ago but I just decided to blog about it now because it's just too good to be ignored. All hell breaks loose... well literally 'loose' with his signature oversized apparels and trousers executed in printed hellish symbols. I and Magmar plan to wear to this on 12/21/2012: the supposed end of the world. Visit Daniel Palillo's blog to see the rest of the collection.

I found this witch house track online from Salem just recently and I've been playing it the whole day. It's my new official dancing-til-the-world-ends song. Sorry Britney.

Monday, March 19, 2012



This is a collage art I made for my favorite girl in, Mia Mars. Her strange and eccentric sense of style has inspired me so much. I love how she combines fun and dark elements in her outfit. I'll forever be a fan! Check out her lookbook account here.

She also reminds me of Grimes in a way. Mia here's a song for you!


The PANTY MONSTERS banged the dance floor again last Friday night at Today X Future, Cubao X. It's probably one of the very few parties in Manila where all the crazy and zany kids can be themselves. It's where the eccentrics are dressed to party like it's the end of the world. 

The whole event was for Geoff Gonzales's send-off party to Central Saint Martins. There was a mini fashion show with all his latest designs before the party started. Unfortunately I didn't catch it but I saw the dresses myself and they were so rad. Although that's not a surprise coming from Geoff who's known for creating clothes full of surprises.

If you want a party adventure, feel free to dress up (or sometimes undress) and swing by Today X Future when the PANTY MONSTERS have an event. Don't be shy to go inside the bar and party. No one bites. We just wanna have fun.