Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sea, Sun, and Sky

photos by Charles Buenconsejo

I'm a very very frustrated photographer. A year ago I thought I could be a good photographer one day. But for some reason, what I wanted to achieve never translated to my final output. I just gave it up and decided maybe designing is where my real talent is. (Sad laugh)

I only look up to a very few photographers in Manila, but my most favorite is definitely Charles Buenconsejo. I don't really get moved with photos very quickly, but I always feel connected whenever I look at his photos. It's so personal, it's real. That's why I made sure he gets to do our campaign for OS. The best decision we made ever. It's a perfect marriage!

Charles had already exhibited in New York just recently, but tonight, he'll be having a two-man show along with Aleyn Comprendio at Heima, Makati. 

"Sea, Sun, and Sky" by Charles Buenconsejo. 

His photos will now be accessible and affordable for everyone! Before you go out to party, or maybe watch The Avengers, make sure you drop by tonight!

Heima Makati 
Suite 229 LRI Design Plaza

210 N. Garcia St. (Reposo)
Bel-Air II, Makati City

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I haven't updated my blog lately because I've been extremely busy with OS. We'll be available in Australia, New York, Singapore, and a new shop in Malaysia next month so you can imagine how my hands are full with a list of things to do. Our third collection is also coming out really really soon and we're very excited about it! The new bones are now hanging inside our studio and we just can't wait to show it to everyone! 

Meanwhile, OS is turning 1 this Saturday! I can't believe it! We are very thankful to everyone who believed in the beauty of bones and also to those who opened their eyes to trying out different things. I don't think a very small brand like us will be able to reach what we have now without everyone's support. To give back, we'll be holding a 1-week long Anniversary Sale starting on April 28 to May 4. It will be 20-40% off on almost all items. And of course, free shipping worldwide for most pieces are still on!

Watch out for the SALE page on our website this Saturday! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

OS Vol. 3 M00DB04RD

Our next collection for OS is now almost done and we're so excited to release it! It's going to be a little different but still the same (am I making sense?). Watch out! I don't really want to talk more about it so let the photos from our moodboard speak. OS Vol. 3 coming soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Printed shirt from vintage W&LT (Wild & Lethal Trash)
Apron skirt and pants from Proudrace
Cherry Boots from Dr. Martens
Spinal Cord Harness from OS
Knuckles from OS

all photos by Adrian Gonzales

I blogged a few weeks ago about how I'm obssesing with W&LT. The brand's pretty much gone since the late 90's and it sucks because I can't find it anywhere! Someone commented on my blog that it can be found in a store in London called "House of Liza", but for a third-world guy like me who just happened to love 90's fashion so much, they're selling it for a month-long wage. I'd probably buy from them soon but I still have to save up!

Luckily I found one on eBay! The shirt I'm wearing in this post is an authentic W&LT shirt all the way from the 90's. I bought it for 40 USD + a very expensive shipping fee but all worth it! Earlier I was trying to find out which collection it came from but I was unsuccessful. I'll try to find it out, but for now I don't really care because I got one! I already have two W&LT shirts OHYEAHHHHHHHHH!

You're a god, Walter Van Beirendonck!

Since it's a special shirt, I really waited for a special shoot and occasion to wear it. Special thanks to Adrian Gonzales for bringing me to UP DIliman. He's so amazing because he was able to capture the exact feel that I wanted. I asked for the Rave scene that I love from the 90's but still very Manila. This is what came out!

And to finish this post, I now give the stage to Shirley Manson of Garbage.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Bull Cap from OS
Jeans from Gian Romano
Creepers from Underground

all these beautiful photos are by Adrian Gonzales!

Lately, I've been too obsessed with buying things. Every week I find myself buying at least two new shirts. Just recently, I bought a pair of new boots from Solestruck (thanks to Karl and Ally of Gold Dot for including me in their discount code), and this morning I was  scrolling endlessly (again) on Ebay for new shoes to buy. I don't know why but I find it so hard to be satisfied on things that I already have. I guess if you're into fashion, it's normal to buy a lot of things because the world has an endless list of cool things to offer. I always feel happy and giddy when I have something new to add to my closet. But at the end of the day, I feel like I'm empty again and I need to buy something new.

My lifestyle now isn't exactly as simple as how it used to be a few years ago. While I was running on the treadmill this morning (yes, I subconsciously do self-searching in the gym), I remembered how I used to be when I was younger. The simple kind of life. When I was a kid, I was already happy when my grandparents had Halo-Halo inside the fridge for me as a reward for sleeping in the afternoon. I used to enjoy riding at the back of tricycles! My favorite toys were my Grandpa's wooden version of the Power Rangers's weapons (Red Ranger had the sword, Black had the axe, Pink had the bow and arrow, etc.) I used to be very happy when our Lazy Susan table had plenty of fruits on the middle. I only had seven pairs of shirts when I was younger (one shirt per day!) but I wasn't complaining about it. I used to live a simple life and I feel like it's too different to what I have now.

I guess as you grow older, you increasingly base your happiness on higher things.

It makes me realize one thing: I need to balance my lifestyle. I don't want to be pretentious and hypocrite to say that I will now be living a simple life from now on because it's not gonna happen. What I can commit is regulate my purchases and learn to appreciate the good things in my daily life that I take for granted. For example, even though it's scorching hot outside right now, I can just easily close all the windows, put down the blinders, and pretend it's December by turning on the airconditioner. I have eight pillows on my bed to keep me comfy every night. I have a really fast internet connection! I can enjoy blogging, downloading random movies and music, and looking at hipsterized photos on tumblr as long as I want to. I have so many cool friends that I could easily hang out with. Two years ago I only had two pairs of shoes, but now I have ten! My closet is filled with clothes that I haven't even worn yet. 

Contentment is a very tough word because it has it's pros and cons, but happiness and appreciation only have pros. I'm going to make sure all of the three are well-balanced from now on. 

And speaking of being appreciative, I got a small feature on UNLTDMGZINE online yesterday! If you got the time, please check it out HERE!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I recently felt like a misfit in an event for dressing up differently. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong decade. I wish I was already partying during the time when it was cool to be different in Manila. 

Everything was so raw and so authentic during the 90's. Unlike the kids today who dress up in front of their camera to update their fashion blogs (I'm also guilty with that), the kids way back dressed up to be photographed in an event. There used to be an epic event photographer named Eddie Boy Escudero who took photos of people dressed differently. I heard stories that you're a failure if he didn't take your photo that night. The more you look normal, the more you'd be out of place. 

Everyone tried to go beyond the fashion norms. Since the internet wasn't as convenient as how it is now, people didn't look for outfit pegs online. They were more experimental and imaginative. Those were the days when they prepared their outfits 1 week ahead of time because it's DIY. Those were also the days when you can rub shoulders with celebrities and socialites alike without feeling too embarrassed about it because everyone were in their crazy outfits. The 90's was so much fun and exciting and I envy all the moments I missed.

Here are the photos of the authentic 90's events that inspire me a lot. All photos taken from Eddie Boy Escudero's Facebook page.

I wish I were here.

I couldn't understand most of what's written here (because I wasn't there), but it's so inspiring because it's so different from what we have now.

When We Danced

by Karen Kunawicz


When Hank was tending bar at Verve.

When everyone met up at 2:00 am in abg’s on a weekend.

When a sober kid like me got really happy everyone ditched the alcohol in favor of mineral water. 
Until someone would explain why.

When Halloween happened several times a year.

When Angelo would ask questions instead of charge gate. 
He’d ask “What are the names of the Little Twin Stars?” 
“What is the name of Jose Rizal’s girlfriend?” 
“What are the colors of a stoplight?” 
And there were people who couldn’t give answers.

When there was always someone to dance with in the rain.

When every party had a “massage corner.”

When, at some parties, there was also a special “gulong-gulong” area where kids would sort of just laugh and roll around on the cement floor.
Unaware their arms were speckled with dust and little rocks.

When Ryan E. shared his mentholated eye drops with everyone.

When people brought Vicks Inhaler and Alcogel and lotion to parties.

When people liked glowsticks. 

When Epy would come over and hug you and say “Spread the Love” and then put a nice hole in your cheek the next day during wargames. 

When the parking outside Laureano compound would snake around for blocks and blocks.

When there was actually a place called Club Fun.

When Chuck Syjuco and Triccia David entranced us with their voices speaking in entrancing poetic cadence. 

When Erich and Miko were our den mothers.

When the moon held sway.

When for once, the unusual had a chance to be models at Warp, Grocery and Havoc fashion shows.

When Katrina met Felipe! If this was a survival show, they’d have made it to the end and won a million dollars.

When Eddie Boy would out dance us all on the dance floor. And he’s 50 now and still at it. 

When people would dance more and text less! 

When after dancing to Juan Atkins, and Pure Science you could still do more dancing at abg’s. before breakfast.

When NU107 put up this huge Santa Claus in the Laureano parking lot to commemorate the “Go” premiere. And Christmas was six months away. 
If they had any snow in the area, I didn’t know about it.

When Joey Mead drove her Miyata around. 

When Lava Lounge opened too and we could go there to watch Quadrophenia on a weeknight. 

When Christian Fletcher would talk to you at 4:00 am about Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death.” 
And his blue eyes would look like they had something strange and electrical going on behind them.

When Mariel D would talk about her grade school education and faulty ways true intelligence was measured.

When you could wear that chain and lock around your neck, that fuchsia feather boa, those devil horns, those angel wings, knee high boots, bondage pants, spiky jackets and bags, platform shoes, no shoes, underwear on the outside, no underwear on the inside, costumes, it didn’t matter whether you were male or female. You’d feel out of place if you showed up “normal.”

When as far as we were concerned, 911 was a show hosted by William Shatner.

When Edwin was spinning and Ed was dressed like some sort of S & M mermaid and serving drinks.

When you looked out of the window at Verve and you could say hi to your friend sitting in front of Matina or standing outside Insomnia.

You could also use the same window to check out your crush, or point some creep out to your friends.

When some of us thought the Jamaican Chicken Jerk at Café Caribana was pretty special.

When we knew our dates truly loved by the way they kissed us after eating at the Garlic Rose.

When Tim Yap was slowly, steadily starting his career (he didn’t just come out of nowhere.)

When Brando and Ronald were compared to rock stars. 

When three goth kids coming from Club Dredd EDSA could go all the way to Blue Café to say goodbye to it before it closed by dancing in 3am monsoon rain and watching someone lipsynch to George Micheal’s “Fast Love.”

When you could wear goth clothes and shameless dance to reggae music at a Fete De La Musique street party along Nakpil. And just laugh at yourself.

When Aslie could tell someone to shut up, and if you can believe it, her eyes would be more commanding than her voice.

When it was still too early to go home if the sun wasn’t coming up yet.

When Y was going out with X but not anymore.

When we were young and restless.

When we were decadent, yet non-judgmental.