Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keepin' it authentic.

Glasses from a friend
Tartan shirt, trousers, and apron skirt from Proudrace
Dr Martens cherry boots

Edric Chen inspired me in so many different ways yesterday while we were trekking The Fort for a good spot to shoot. He kept on saying "To be successful, you got to find your core" over and over. It was so interesting because I had been thinking a lot about finding out who I am and keeping how to keep myself authentic in whatever I do. For the longest time it was just all in my head and I just couldn't put it into words. Thanks Edric for pointing important things out to me.

Even though I have a big number of following in tumblr, I chose to switch to blogspot for a reason: I want to keep my blog authentic. One night, I went through my blog and got to a point where I got so disappointed with myself because I found so many trashy posts that didn't reflect who I am. For some time, I lost touch of myself in this shallow scene of fashion events and marketing promotions. 

Two years ago I probably thought I was "cool" and "famous" because I got invited to all these events. I took photos of all these beautiful people so my blog post about the event would be filled with pretty faces. That way I could catch readers's attention and they would think that I was an important person too because I was there.

Looking back, it felt like I was whoring myself for fame and blog views.

90% of the time, coming home from an event made me feel so empty. I prepared and dressed up for an hour and spent 200 peso ($7) cab ride for an event that had no personal relation nor involvement with me whatsoever. Then after that, I'd blog about it and make it sound like it was such an amazing night even though none of it really connected to my personal interests and beliefs. 

This year, I'm keeping it authentic 100%.

Never lose yourself in the online social media. Whether you're blogging about an outfit post or a fashion event, or just simply tweeting or posting a status on Facebook, always make sure that you're keeping it authentic. Only blog about things that have an effect on you and never be afraid to say "no". That's a part of learning how to select and choose. Lastly, Never make fame and money your core because, trust me, it will lead you nowhere. 

All photos from Edric Chen. If you want to be inspired, visit


  1. wow this is soo cool! kickass dr martens~~ love that outfit!

  2. Love the pic with the leaves :) anyways, totally agreeing on your media statement. kaya nga i made an fb account just on the end of oct 2010, and even if, i only use it for group updates. i also have a twitter, but i only use that for giveaways. and tumblr? never have, never will. aside from no time to browse, i'll just be doing reblogs, so that's not the purpose of blogging. besides, my current blog is actually my second blog. and i'm loving every single thing i've posted on it :)

    Almira :)

  3. AMEN!!! Exactly how I feel too! Love you, Paul! And yes, we be keepin' it authentic!

  4. I agree 100%! Nice insights, Paul!

  5. wow Paul, i haven't got no idea that you set blog! great news! follow

  6. I love that you're going to be blogging more about your personal interests! ^^ Yay!

  7. you inspire me so much Paul! keepin it real!

  8. Very well-said Paul! I really admire you for staying true to who you are despite all the craziness fashion bloggers seem to deal with. It is rare to see one who isn't afraid to speak the truth in such a public setting. Thank you for being brave and being yourself :) You're an inspiration!

    ♥ Megann

  9. AWWW I agree. I feel and totally understand whatever that is you have written in this post. i thought i am the only one who thinks that way too! thank God for this post. I seldom go to events (the last time I attended was last year BU3) and I never get invited to any events as in zero invites. whenever I see bloggers posting photos of the events they've been to, I kind of feel I am really far behind, that I am totally nothing to the blogsphere because I was not there (on the event) BUT just like you, I wanted to retain my AUTHENTICITY as a blogger.That's what I always tell to myself. Your post actually made me feel good. :) HOPE TO TALK TO YOU ONE DAY!:)

  10. Thank you for posting this, you inspired me a lot. :D

  11. Yes, invites and all that stuff can surely blind you for a moment, but in the end, you'd just feel that "emptiness". As if you failed yourself for attending and saying sugar-coated words just for a certain thing/brand you never believed on. I realized that blog is made for self-expression, not advertisement. Just like what I remember Ms Kookie Buhain once said that blogging is a strong medium to influence people. You do not want to influence people with stuff that is not a "part of you".

    Glad I bumped into this! I'm not one of the famous fashion blogger, but I do blog and actually started to pursue Fashion as my niche only last year. I used to have personal blog at blogspot that I kept since I was in high school. My experience so far on fashion blogging taught me so well, and I promised myself not to fail again. Anyway, I've been wondering if any of the fashion bloggers felt this too, and because of your honesty, I'm hearing everyone's thoughts now. Thank you!

    I've heard of Mr Edric Chen and seen some of his works. He sounds really interesting person -- a man with wisdom and truth. So I'm not surprise that his lens perfectly captures it all and deliver a beautiful photograph. Kahit na iba-iba yung subject niya. Every frame shows soul in it. Hope to meet him!

    Again, thank you Mr Paul! :)

    Joana Cinco

  12. i'm super late with reading this but man. my thoughts exactly. <333