Tuesday, July 3, 2012


There are so many things that happened to me ever since I lost my camera and it sucks that I can't document them and post them on my blog. Since the last week of May (after PhFW), I styled a big, big shoot for Policy magazine, there were two parties in Future that I attended and spinned, I styled another shoot yesterday, and we just moved to a bigger place for the new OS headquarters. I hate the feeling when you need a camera to take memories but you can't because you don't have one. Sucks! I'm planning to get a new camera soon but this time I'm probably getting Canon because I heard so many good info about Canon that I couldn't do with my lost Nikon.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I met up with this really cool kid all the way from Davao. Aidx Paredes of Young Blood, 17 years old, aspires to become a fashion photographer ever since he was 14. It's so cool to meet younger kids who already know what they want to do in life at an early stage. I asked him how the scene in Davao is and how kids hang out and stuff. He told me stories of how they have fun in Davao. Surprisingly, it's almost similar to how we hang out in the city.

We did a little shoot together at our condo's basement. I had fresh new clothes that I hadn't used for my Lookbook yet so it was just the perfect timing. Check out the photos from our little shoot!

Overbite + Fangs Cap from OS
Bone Shackle and Knuckles ring from OS
Orange pleather vest and sheer tank shirt both from Paradigm Shift
Wrap skirt from 5cm (Unisex by JP Singson)
Trousers from Gian Romano
Rev Man Boots from The Damned (Solestruck)

Overbite + Fangs Cap from OS
Glasses (I forgot!)
Burger-print sweater from Sugarpills
Camouflage trousers from Proudrace
Rev Man boots from The Damned (Solestruck)


  1. Awesome shots!


  2. Love your orange moto vest! <3

  3. The hat is INSANE!! I love it! There is so much edge in all of your outfits.

    Monstre Charmant

  4. You have the dopest sweater on earth! where the heck did you get them from?


  5. So glad I found your site, you have an amazing sense of personal style! Each outfit is so damn amazing

  6. LOVE the hat, the orange vest is so powerful - so well designed


  7. Love your style & blog<3 So creative~