Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Gym tank shirt from Salad Day
Shorts from Salad Day
Spinal Cord Harness from OS
Acrylic cuffs from Miadore
Customized creepers

all photos by Edric Chen

We took this set a few weeks ago. It was so difficult to take photos in Malate and almost everywhere else in Manila. If guards found that you're taking photos with a professional camera (like DSLR), they'd ask you to put it away because you're in their "private" properties. Either taking a photo of a person behind the "private" property or taking a photo of the actual property, both are not allowed. It's so different compared to other countries where they would allow you to take photos almost everywhere. Anyway we managed to take photos secretly inside 7-eleven with Edric's disposable camera, then we went around and found a good spot in Malate to take photos where there were no guards.

By the way, sorry if I haven't been posting anything new for a while.

The past three weeks had been really messy. I haven't been back to normal yet since after the second Lady Gaga concert. I got displaced from home because of territorial issues. I transferred from one hotel to another for the past two weeks. Now I'm currently staying in with my parents. I want to divulge all my hatred and my deep sadness in this post right now but it's just too sensitive and heavy-even for me. 

I'm just hoping that things will go back to normal really soon. It's becoming so hard to pretend being happy.


  1. wow, this is amazing post! <3

  2. Aww Paul. Don't push yourself too much with blogging. If you need some time off, you should take it.
    Hope everything goes back to normal and everything'll be okay.

  3. all my love from singapore <3 <3 <3 hope everything will be okay soon!

  4. Love the Harness! I want soooooooo bad!

  5. amazing, I love this whole set of photos - you look great! and the atmosphere of the photos is so wonderful too.

    take care paul ♥

  6. Denise Lozada of Shoe Etiquette once tweeted something like this... Never apologize for not posting on your blog. It is not your obligation to let the world know how you are everyday. Take it easy on yourself. Hope things get better very soon, Paul! :)