Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photoshoot & some 80's.

Last summer, I and my newfound good friend Anton Aguila went to his place to do little shoots for his portfolio (and for my blog! lol). He's a very nice and talented guy who dreams big of becoming a professional photographer one day. I'm sure it won't be too long before his dream catches him! We roamed around BF Homes in Paranaque with my big suitcase to look for a good spot that will match my clothes. His photos look really good and I'm very very happy with the outcome.

I'm a terrible model, I know. It may not seem like it but I always get shy in front of cameras. If I could just always look away when someone takes a photo of me, I will. I just let my clothes speak for me and the emotions I want to convey. Check them out!

In other news, I watched Rock of Ages last night and it was so terrible! It's like watching a more adult version of Glee. The main characters were too beautiful and clean-looking for a film about one of the best rock eras of all time. It's strange though because the film gave a lasting effect on me! My current playlist is full of 80's rock ballad anthems that my Mom used to play on a Saturday morning when I was kid. I was listening to this while on a cab on my way home and I couldn't help feel like I was a character in Ryan Gosling's "Drive". Anyway it gives me so much good vibes; you may like it!


  1. oh my god i'm hooked on some 80s tunes now too what a coincidence! (after watching The Breakfast Club ohoho)

    Also, pfffssshh. "A terrible model."? NO WAY <3

  2. love everything, esp the last look! also may future sya!

  3. I just love the accessories from bones! and your hair :O the clothing is just complementing those things perfectly <3

  4. Oo love all the photos! Like.. I'm looking at a magazine! :)

    Kaye Awatin
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    Twitter: @thestyleflux

  5. these are funky, that gray draping cardigan-esque piece, where is that from?

  6. Stunning photos as always, Paul!

  7. You don't look like a terrible model! You're more than a good model! :-)


  8. Are you kidding? I think you're a great model.

  9. your style is really inventive, i love it