Saturday, November 24, 2012

KEY from SHINee wears OS!

KEY from SHINee wears Fangs Cap from OS!

More photos!

It was only a year ago when my friend Mike introduced me to SHINee. There was a time their song "Lucifer" was on repeat in my iTunes half the day til AJ's ears complained. I'm not really a huge huge fan of K-pop although I listen to them from time to time, but I'm a fan of G Dragon! I have a lot of friends though who are stone-cold solid die hard K-pop fanatics. No surprise that whenever a K-pop group wears OS Accessories, we find it out from our friends first. Anyway I think he already wore it three times, twice in airports, so it's pretty damn aweessoooome.

(photos from SHINee Philippines Facebook page)

Earlier this year the Cluster of Bones necklace was worn by JJ Project for Dazed & Confused Korea.

One of the guys in B.A.P music video was also wearing the Bull cap.

They got all their bones from our stockist in Japan, Fake Tokyo. They are one of the top-influencers in the Japan's fashion scene. We are extremely lucky to have partnered with them.

The Fangs cap is still available in our online store! Click HERE.


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! Dazed and Confused na ang levelssssssss!

  2. ahh i've been a fan of key for a few years now! he's one of my style icons.
    i freaking love that fangs cap i was so excited when i saw him wearing it