Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Oceanglider Aviator Cap from OS
Jaws necklace from OS
Shirt from Daily Grind
Sweater from Proudrace
Pants from Zara
KTZ Champion Metal boots from Solestruck

I have been eyeing this pair from KTZ for a long long long time now and I can't believe it's now in my shoe closet! After the KTZ FW12 fashion show, I told myself I'd be buying the boots as soon as they come out. I was so happy when Solestruck had them in stock a few months back because all I had to save up for was the actual shoe price since they offer free shipping worldwide. It's extremely convenient to buy shoes from them! I remember it was sitting in my cart for a month until I braved myself to hit the Pay Now button. No regrets. Best decision everrrr. The boots are so frikin dope it's worth every cent. I specifically like the gold champion metal plate in front. I think it will look good with a WWF shirt or a John Cena shirt, don't you think? I guess you'll be seeing this pair more often because I have so many outfit ideas in my mind right now!

It's also cool that I got this a day after my birthday. It's like a post-birthday present for myself even though I splurged on online shopping a week before my birthday. Oh well. Money is money. We only live once. And no, I'm not gonna use #yolo cos' it sounds retarded.

They still have it in stock! Go check it out!

By the way, I got an iPhone 4S as a birthday present! Phones are never my priority so I don't really buy the expensive ones. Normally I spend all my allowance on clothes, food, and cab fares-mostly on clothes! Anyway, I recently joined Instagram! Lol I never thought I'd join Instragram ever because 2 Broke Girls seem to always make fun of people using it. It's like the ultimate hipster app! But what the hell, Instagram is so much fun-even find it better than Twitter! I know I know you can laugh me now; I'm like 2 fucking years behind when it comes to technology. Haha

I was instagram-ing when I was slowly opening the package because it feels too special to not be instagram-ed. Follow me on instagram guys! Check my profile here.


  1. I finally have a reason to join Instagram! People are gonna be like, "Food, food, cat, food, nails, nails, murder?!" - Max Black

  2. Those KTZ boots are amazing. xx