Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What happened last week!

Pharoah tee from WIA via AMPM Studio
Thrifted turquoise sweater
Trousers from Unisex by JP Singson
Leggings from Proudrace
Champion Metal boots from KTZ via Solestruck
Overbite cap from OS Accessories
Featherfin necklace from OS Accessories
Seagnome earring from OS Accessories

all photos by Anton Aguila

Last week was very intense! There was a lot of things-to-do on my list. Last Monday was my birthday and I was supposed to take a break and just chill but we were rushing all the deliveries from our *very successful* online Christmas sale for OS. It was all good though! I ended the day receiving a big surprise-new iPhone 4S from OS! I know I know iPhone 5 would've be better but I'm not really into gadgets so 4S is already good enough for me. If I were to buy a phone for myself I'd probably just get a basic Blackberry or something like that. Anyway I also just recently joined Instagram (lol I feel so kewl now). 

Come follow me guys! My first photo was Buck, of course. 

We had a very pretty visitor all the way from Japan! Maya Kibbel is extremely beautiful and extremely talented. She's also extremely wild and craaaazy. I swear. She's pretty popular too. She's in Nylon Japan's It Girl list this year. Maya came to Manila to shoot for Gold Dot's latest collection. One of the sets was in our house so I joined in and helped a little bit with styling.

alternate photo by Gabby Cantero

Come Friday I was featured in a local newspaper called Philippine Star in their Young Star section for their article "Class of 2012" where they chose a couple of kids who made quite an impact this year. They divided the group into high school cliques (leaders, jocks, band geeks, artists, etc).  I got placed in the "Artists" group along with a few friends. It felt right because my real-life high school clique was mostly composed of creative minds who didn't seem to fit into any crowd. We called ourselves "Rejects" because we felt like we didn't belong to the other groups. Anyway, the feature was really sweet. Thanks Raymond and the rest of the Young Star group! I wore my favorite KTZ shirt because it always looks cool in photos.

Come Friday night I went to my Korean friend Roy Back's birthday hotel party. He's been in the Philippines for 7 years now! That would be his last birthday party here for the meantime because he has to go back to Korea and serve for the military. I'm gonna miss that guy! I don't have any photos of the party because I was so fuuuuuccckkiiinn wasted that night. Probably one of my favorite parties this year!

Last Saturday and Sunday it was the biannual Bloggers United bazaar where the local bloggers come out of their internet shell to meet the people who read their blogs and sell them used clothes and sh*t. Haha just kidding! But seriously, it was a very fun two-day experience. I got to meet a lot of people who actually want to take a picture with me. In my head I always ask "why???" because I don't consider myself a popular guy. Anyway I did my routine: stand up, say hi to the person, smile at the camera, and say "thank you". I'm really a very shy guy. Next time I promise I will do my best to interact more. Big thanks to Aisa, Ana, and Melai for organizing the event and for inviting me again.

The one on the left is a letter filled with Lisa Frank stickers that I got from a very sweet girl named Mocha. She fits her name perfectly! If you're reading this, thank you very much. ;)

Me and Mocha doing my cover-my-face pose.

Then on Sunday night I and my friends hang out with Maya. It was her last night in Manila so we wanted to make it a little bit special. I will not go into details with what happened that night because it was just too crazy, but I hope she enjoyed what we all did. haha! And again, no photos. I was too f*cked up to function.

What a week! I don't know how to end this post so I'll just end it with my current favorite chill track from the new Deftones album.


  1. ZOMG! love your style!! Totally diggin' the shoeeess <3
    Keep inspiring people! *thumbs up* :3


  2. LOVE the pharaoh top! Incredible. xx


  3. LOVING all the KTZ! Wish it were more popular here, despite being technically based over here :(

  4. dude you're like soo cool