Saturday, January 26, 2013


Overbite Cap from OS
Vertebrae necklace from OS
Dogtooth earring from OS
Wolf shirt from Piu Piu Clothing
Trousers from Unisex clothing by JP Singson
Sandals from Givenchy

all photos by Koji Arboleda

The weather in Manila right now is so unstable. Sometimes it's pretty cold, and then suddenly it becomes very hot. It's like you can plan on wearing a sweater then after a few minutes of being outside, it gets incredibly hot. Thank you global warming! Anyway I got this shirt from my friends in Piu Piu clothing. They have pretty cool shirts and sweaters in their site-you guys should check it out!

Last Friday, I was featured as one of 6 men bloggers for Solestruck's "It's A Man's World" campaign. I was in their gif header for quite a while (and I couldn't help myself not to print screen). You can read my interview here. I'm also now in my shoeporn phase. I've been on a roll with buying shoes for a while now. I just (finally) purchased Buffalos and the Transformers Depression shoes that I had been religiously checking out in Solestruck every single day. 

Both fit so perfectly! It's so convenient to buy from Solestruck cos they have free shipping and you receive them quickly. I got mine within 7 business days. They have a wide variety of shoes for guys. I'm currently eyeing on getting these but I'm so broke right now and I need to save up for my Singapore trip next week. The shoes have to wait!

After 6 weeks, I and AJ finally walked Buck outside last Sunday. When puppies don't get to go out often, they tend to be a little rebellious (and I'm experiencing it now). I saw so many cute pups in The Fort! I especially liked the little Husky! It's just weird cos the owner was trying to sell him to us when he found out I'm obsessed with huskies. The owner said he has no money to pay for his tuition fees and he needs the dog sold right away. We were so tempted but it's just too expensive to own a husky now, and big dogs are not suitable for our lifestyle. We're thinking of getting Buck a playmate but we're still unsure with what breed to get because is too friendly and playful. It has to be a dog that can match my little boy's energy!

There's this very talented and sweet kid from Bangkok who made cool artworks of me! It's so weird cos I was just randomly browsing photos on Instagram when I opened the pictures that Jeremy Scott liked. I saw his works on his page and I was so surprised to find mine! He first drew the photo on the left. When I told him that guy was me, he was so happy and later made another one-this time with my Japanese friend Maya Kibbel (right photo). Check out his artworks here.

Next week's going to be very exciting cos we'll be flying to Singapore for "Big Night Out"! Pretty stoked to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Vampire Weekend perform live, but to be honest I'm more excited to hang out with my SG friends again. Excited to eat loads of shrimp balls and Hainanese chicken, lah! Can't wait for the weekend to be over!

I'll also be spinning some 90's to 2000's rock anthems tomorrow night at Future bar in Cubao! If you guys want some fist-pumping Saturday night, wear your dancing shoes (in my case, heavy boots) and party with us! Here's a little mix I found in 8tracks to give you a taste of what will be up tomorrow night.

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