Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last week I finally got myself inked! My friend Niche gave me a pretty awesome discount from Whiplash Tattoo as a Christmas gift. It took me a while before I decided what to get. I'll be seeing it on my body forever (unless I'll have it erased which I learned is possible now thanks to science) so I planned for it carefully. Whiplash Tattoo has a really good artist! Although I'm cool with pain, his hand wasn't so heavy so it didn't really hurt that much except when he was doing the crossbone right in the middle. I was playing Pokemon White 2 to take my mind off the pain. I was battling the Elite Four and I forgot to buy Revives and Full Restores due to stress. Good thing my Hydreigon survived til the very end. Lol going back to the tattoo, I got the Crossbone in the middle because that's one of my favorite and also one of our most-sold designs. I got "Bone Thug" right across my chest as a reminder of my day-by-day struggles in my past life and how making bones gave me a new direction. Inspiration came from 2pac's "Definition of A Thug N*gga" where he talks about living the daily struggles to get money for food. I'm planning to get my body inked with more bones this year! Very excited! And just to answer back the sneers from some close-minded people who said I'm posing to be a gangster, talk to my long middle finger. I honestly don't give a fuck about what others think of me. So tired of all these labels the society stamp on you. Life's too short to worry about talkshits. I do what I do. I wear what I wear. I like what I like.

photos by Anton Aguila

The good guys from Whiplash Tattoo gave me 1000 PHP worth of gift check to give away! Since I'm not the kind of blogger who gives away things, I'll just give it to the first person to email me who's planning to get inked soon. If anyone's interested (and who will really use the gift checks) email me at Please make sure you use them cos I don't want them to go to waste!


  1. Love love love your tattoo Paul!!! Your haters should just shut the f*ck up! (:

  2. the most badass of all the badasses!

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