Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Pastel dentist shirt from Salad Day
Hologram shirt from Paradigm Shift
Leather shorts from Proudrace
Cosmic leggings from Black Milk
Creepers from Demonia
Bone Cuff and Knuckles ring from OS

all photos by Adrian Gonzales

Happy Labor Day! I'm celebrating it like a pro because today is the very first day I'll be celebrating Labor Day without a day job. Since I was 18 I've already been working full-time in a call center and I know exactly how it feels to sit for eight fuckin hours solving other people's problems. Four wasted years of my life. 

For those who are still stuck in your day jobs and night jobs, if you like it, keep it. If you don't, quit and start a business. I'm telling you guys business is the way to go! Create a business that you think you could do forever and would inspire you to wake up every morning. I and AJ started OS as a very small business based on art and fashion since that's what we both like. For the first operating quarter it was running on a low income but it got better later on. Just like all businesses, it needs a huge amount of patience and hard work. But unlike a regular job, you sow what you reap. If you put in more effort, you reap more from it unlike a set monthly salary.

Today I'm celebrating all the years I've wasted working for greedy corporations and how I got out of it. I feel so free doing what I love now and it feels so good!

I know I can be good at what I like to do if I put 100% focus on it. I'm too dope for day jobs shit. 

Been obsessing with Spaceghostpurrp lately. He's like my audio moodboard for OS Vol. 3.

Just to remind you guys! OS is still currently on an anniversary sale! 
Visit www.os-accessories.com for details.


  1. heck yeah paul!!! honestly youre such an inspiration<3 i love you!

  2. I agree. You really are an inspiration! I think this is by far my favorite look from you.

  3. haha this shoot is so fun. so you!

    I'm so proud of you and OS and everything! the best ♥

  4. i love os so fucking much i wish i could afford it
    haha a poor blogga

  5. i love love the outfit, amazing creepers, you are an inspiration definetly :)

  6. those creepers are neon-delicious mr x


  7. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)