Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Stolen scene from Eraserheads's "With A Smile". How I wish I were that guy right now.

Thrifted shirt
Pants from Don Protasio
Knuckles ring from OS
Creepers from Demonia

all photos by Adrian Gonzales

Summer is nearly over and I feel like I haven't relaxed yet. There's been a lot of things to finish and it sucks because it's nearly June and I haven't gone to a real vacation yet. City life can be very very tiring. I miss going to the province to just chill and wait til' the sun goes down. I miss playing tag and hide and seek with my siblings outside the street until Grandma calls us for dinner.  Time seems so fast and you're pressured to finish something before the day ends. It sucks that I always have to find more ways to earn money.
When this is all over I promise I'm really hitting the beach to get some tan. I hope the rainy season won't come too soon this year. Now I just wish for more playtime before 2012 ends!

You'll get by with a smile.


  1. amazing! great top and photos are great!!

  2. I love that song. :) I miss those days din, lalo na when both sides of my families really plan "outings" pa kahit pansol lang yan o isang pool sa laguna haha :) Ngayon wala na, ako nalang nageeffort. ;P
    All the best to OS, Paul! Proud of you