Sunday, May 13, 2012


I haven't been blogging for a while now because of so much work to do for OS. I have eight sets of outfit photos that I haven't posted yet because I don't have time to write anything about it. The list of tasks to do just keeps on getting longer and longer everyday. But today, I'm going to lay back, be 150% real, and blog about how special my Mom is because it's Mother's Day.

Ever since I was a kid, my Mom had been very supportive with everything I do. From acting in stage plays and joining spelling bees (yeah I used to be smart) during my grade school and early high school years to blogging and making bones for a living, she never failed to encourage me to push harder and give 100% in everything I put my heart into. 

I did quite a lot of ways to earn money for myself. I think I learned the tricks of being resourceful with earning money from her. Unlike most of my classmates and friends who could afford everything (the problems of being a regular kid in a private school), I had to work hard to buy me new clothes or even a new phone. I worked in a radio station when I was 14, burned mp3 CDs with customized labels and sold it to my classmates, I did 'buy & sell' Nokia phones to buy an iPod (when it was still P25,000!), I customized beaded ID lace holders, and now, bones. She helped me every time I asked for help especially when it's 5 in the morning and I hadn't slept yet because I still got so much to do. 

That was before, of course. Now I don't get to see her more often. I'm independent now. I miss her a lot especially when I'm so stressed out because I get really depressed. When I get to that depressed stage, I'll call her and she'll ask me to come home. She'll cook my favorite 'Fried Tilapia' or 'Pork Sinigang' (local delicacies) and she'll ask my Dad to buy Pepsi Max or strawberry ice cream. After that we'll watch a movie or play cards then I'm happy again. The happiness you get from the simple kind of life is incomparable to what the big world can give you.

She knows exactly how to make me happy and motivated inside that's why I love her very much.

Just last Christmas she got me this home-made black magic mug. (My Mom has printers for everything!) If you pour hot water, pictures come out!

So cheesy, right? Haha! But honestly, this mug is very important to me. Every morning the first thing I'll do is make coffee, and I always drink from this mug because it gives me good vibes to get me through the day. 

And she got me this...

She edited it herself! Sometimes the most simple gifts are the most heartfelt. These are the two best and memorable gifts I received ever.

Happy Mother's Day Ma! I love you always!

I'm coming home tonight to treat her The Avengers :)

I can't finish this blog post without the famous Spice Girls song! It's a must on Mother's Day! So here it is:


  1. ahhh such beautiful mugs
    this is such a nice post, paul :)

  2. This is super niiiice I love the pokemon and magic mug, super touching :) I love mommies forever!

  3. Aww wow so, so sweet. The simple things really do mean the most. :)

  4. Awww you are such a darling. lovely post <3

  5. naiiyak ako ang cute ng mom mo.. god bless her... =p

  6. sobrang nakaka touch Paul... Made me miss my mom more. Your mom is lucky to have you.
    btw, you kinda look like Xian Lim on that Pokemon Mug.

  7. hahahaha i like the drawing. that is sooo sweet :)