Thursday, October 18, 2012


Oceanglider Aviator Cap from OS
Sweater from Unknown
A$AP Rocky shirt from Unknown
Trousers from Unisex
Prawnkiller cuff from OS
Rev Man Boots from The Damned
Glasses from Terminal Inc (Ronac Art Center, San Juan City)

Let me try to say this in A$AP Rocky lyrics:

What my shirt says is a reminder of what I need right now. Be a pretty motherfucker. It's so hard to stay cool when put in a lot of stress. There are a couple of tasks undone listed on my mind that I have to do right after this post. Sucks! I wish we could all just get high and touch the sky til we can't even function. LiveLoveA$AP music trip all day. Don't you agree? It sucks that we have to work hard and run fast to live the life we want. Working so so hard for the KTZ shirts and the discounted second-hand Givenchy sweaters on eBay with the Jeremy Scott Adidas and Maison Martin Margiela three-snap sneakers. Although at the end of the day I honestly ain't complaining. Everything's all good stress. I'd rather keep working, never chilling, til I reach a million. I'm sure someday all this hard work shit will be converted into billion.