Thursday, October 25, 2012


Seacage Cap from OS
Pullover with hoodie from Proudrace
Camouflage pants from Proudrace
Creepers from Underground

It's pretty much raining the whole day today. I was supposed to go out for a haircut (is it obvious that I'm wearing cap all the time?) but I just stayed home and drank green tea while working all morning. It's currently our country's Fashion Week, but this season I can't help not be excited about it as much as I used to 2-3 years ago. I'll be there tomorrow though because my friend's styling Lee. Kinda excited about it! 


The Lochness Harness is pretty easy to pull off in outfit. I like it very much!

My most favorite creepers got destroyed a few weeks ago. It was used for a fashion show but the model's feet was too big for it. Sadly the double-decked soles had to be stitched to stay intact. I don't think it looks that bad though.

Right after this post I'll continue packing all the bones and crustaceans we are sending to our store partners in Taiwan! I'm so excited with distributing OS's latest collection to our store partners and see how our really cool bone customers style them! You can check out our list of stockists here. There may be one near you! I took a few photos earlier because the all the bones and crustaceans look really good together in our workroom. It gets a little (okay, a lot) messy in our workroom when the shipment deadline is near!


As you see I'm not even halfway done with bubble-wrapping! My puppy Buck has been really really insistent with playing with me the whole morning. He's been messing everyone around the whole day--popping the bubbles in the bubble wraps and leaving bite marks on the big freight boxes!

"I am very naughty today!"

We'll probably play after dinner. AJ is cooking a very special meal and we're gonna watch my freshly downloaded Paranormal Activity 4! It's gonna scare the shit out of him for sure just like all the other horror films we watch. Haha!

Check out Holy Ghost!'s new single "It Gets Dark". I think their new album is going to be dark compared to their previous 80's-ish album. I prefer the songs on the previous one but this is a very good track too!


  1. You are an amazing artist. I just went through a bunch of your posts and I am really really inspired right now. Thank you.


  2. Awww I just really like the 2nd photo of you! You have this soft smiling face haha too cute! :)
    Anyhoo, I am really digging this outfit! And oh my, Buck is such a cutie! x

    1. haha yeah I notice I barely smile! you should meet buck in person he's so adorable :) miss you!
      hope to see you next year!