Saturday, October 20, 2012


Walrus Cap from OS
Spacecrab Choker from OS
Shark shirt from Proudrace
Shorts from Oxygen
Shoes from Dr. Martens

Who says sea fashion is only for summer? The dark and vicious creatures of the sea are still very apt for the sheer cold breeze of fall and winter fashion. Don't you think? Killer sharks, creepy crustaceans, sea devils, and even the dark ocean waves can be perfect symbols of the dusky elements in fall/winter fashion. You can probably leave all the cheery aquarium guppies and neon jellyfishes for summer and bring out the aquatic savages for fall.

I tried to incorporate all these dark sea creatures in this outfit. Walrus is known to inhabit the cold northern regions of the Atlantic Ocean. The Black Lobster (found in Sweden) look so violent and raw compared to it's other crustacean family. And the shark, of course, is popular for being the most brutal beast of the ocean.

Walrus Cap from OS

Here's the Shark print shirt from Proudrace's F/W 2012-2013 called "Dark Waves". They recently just released their latest collection. Check out the other pieces on their website

Dr. Martens shoes and Buck!

I like you to meet Buck! He's my new best friend. He's a "Puggle" (half Pug, half Beagle). Puggles are naturally sweet and very friendly. They also like to be touched and they love the attention so much. Whenever he's sleepy, he'll lie on top of my feet (or when I'm sitting on the floor, he'll lie on top of my legs!) and doze off. He likes licking people too-even strangers! Probably not a good dog to take care of the house but a good dog for companion. He's my ultimate stress reliever. I want to go on and on but there' s too much info about Buck; I think I'm going to write a different blog post about him in the future.

Speaking of Fall, I found this track somewhere while I was reading music blogs. It's my chill song of the moment! The Fall by Rhye. Listen to it below.


  1. Wow!stunning outfit!your style is stunning I adore it since lookbook!!you are stunning boyyy!!!

  2. OMG <3 Buck is the cutest!!!
    Also, OS' new collection is to die for <3

  3. the last picture is so so so awesome! in love with your blog now following!

  4. dressed to the nines to walk the dog. a good a reason as any!


  5. divine. (I'm finally following you here, too!)

  6. ang cute ng dog mo :) hhihi what a wonderful concept of your post naman paul! im always amazed :)
    The Bargain Doll

    1. Really? thanks it's also quite obvious too anyway haha!

  7. SOOOOO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS OUTFIT!!! So perfect, rad and badassed.
    Love that Buck is in the photos too! What a gorgeous pup.