Tuesday, April 3, 2012


all photos by Karla Ynzon

Last Saturday night (well technically almost Sunday morning), I and my friends went out to party in Cubao X. There were live bands outside (hosted by Punchdrunk Panda) and DJ sets inside Future. Austin, Killyourboyfriend, was spinning a mix of new wave and indie dance tracks. We were dancing like crazy! I and my friends were kinda like a huge crowd so wherever we went and danced, people also followed and danced. It was also funny because all our hair were fresh from dyes; I was sweating magenta. We had so much fun dancing and sweating and screaming and resting for a while in front of the electric fan to dry off.

Unsurprisingly the crowd wasn't really big that night even though it was a really cool event. It's so sad that less people come in independent events in Manila. The real scene is slowly dying because it's not being supported by the target crowd. During the 90's and even the Fluxxe glory years, people dress up for events. Now people just dress up for their blogs. I see A LOT of these tumblr kids/bloggers all dressed up like drunka$$ "hipsters" (sorry for the term but I don't know how to call them) with all their feather earrings, distressed denim shorts, shirts with triangles and crucifix, studded jackets, dyed hair, and all these "wannabe rockstar" trends, but only a few them are authentic. They don't really go out and party in the real events where they should be. Instead, they lock themselves up in front of their pretty laptops, posing in front of their pretty cameras, and trying to looking dazed and confused and pretty way too much it hurts. Yeah maybe they're still young and they're parents don't allow them to go out, but there's a way if there's a will. My parents used to be strict too but I always found ways to sneak out. I think these people should stop acting like posers and should start joining in the fun. Your clothes don't make you authentic. You don't have to do drugs nor drink up. It's not being encouraged. Just hang out, enjoy the music and the crowd, and have a good time.

 Less dressing up and more living it up.

My two cents. I won't say sorry for ranting this time because it's already sickening to see all these tumblr kids and bloggers hipsterizing themselves online, and yet you never ever get to see them in events where they should really be. They'd rather hang out in cleaner bars with Flo Rida and Usher being blasted on the dancefloor. I'm not the only one who notice this.

Anyway, I only found out Ladyhawke has a brand new single. It's been years! I remember I used to get crazy on events whenever the DJs spinned Paris Is Burning or Back of the Van


  1. "Less dressing up and more living it up." You've got really strong points here, Paul! :) Pero totoo naman :P

  2. Looks like fun times!


  3. Ahhh I wish I could party with you guys, looks so fun! :)
    and I always enjoy reading your insight haha

    1. Sah!!!
      yeah i wish you could come by manila some time! I and Karl will bring you everywhere :)

  4. I definitely agree with this. People hop on to trends so quickly that they've lost their personal sense of style. and these people pretend that they appreciate good art, fashion, and music, but in reality they only like what everyone else likes. it's saddening especially since most of the people my age have become like this.

    + I loooove Ladyhawke, and I didn't know about this single either! She looks so different here.

    1. glad to know you agree :) thanks Julian!

      Ladyhawke is amaaaazing. Her new sound is also somehow different.

  5. We all love a good sweaty night party! Hihi!
    And I totally get what you mean when you talk about those "tumblr hipsters". So fake!