Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sea, Sun, and Sky

photos by Charles Buenconsejo

I'm a very very frustrated photographer. A year ago I thought I could be a good photographer one day. But for some reason, what I wanted to achieve never translated to my final output. I just gave it up and decided maybe designing is where my real talent is. (Sad laugh)

I only look up to a very few photographers in Manila, but my most favorite is definitely Charles Buenconsejo. I don't really get moved with photos very quickly, but I always feel connected whenever I look at his photos. It's so personal, it's real. That's why I made sure he gets to do our campaign for OS. The best decision we made ever. It's a perfect marriage!

Charles had already exhibited in New York just recently, but tonight, he'll be having a two-man show along with Aleyn Comprendio at Heima, Makati. 

"Sea, Sun, and Sky" by Charles Buenconsejo. 

His photos will now be accessible and affordable for everyone! Before you go out to party, or maybe watch The Avengers, make sure you drop by tonight!

Heima Makati 
Suite 229 LRI Design Plaza

210 N. Garcia St. (Reposo)
Bel-Air II, Makati City


  1. your photos looks like from vice, nice ;D

    1. no no they're not mine haha they're from the photographer I was talking about, Charles Buenconsejo! He's great!