Thursday, April 5, 2012


I haven't updated my Wardrobe Wednesdays for a while because I've been strangely busy every Wednesday. I'll try to update it as much as I can weekly. If this is your first time reading this, what I'm doing every Wednesday is posting all the looks I post on my Lookbook account that I don't post on my blog. I think this will be more helpful for those who read my blog from the Philippines because most of what I post here are from local brands/designers. 

Take note! Everything I wear, I bought it. There's an ongoing trend in our country now, especially from some Manila fashion bloggers, where they pullout/ask for local pieces from our fashion brands/designers and they promote it in their blogs to show that they support our local fashion. It's good that you're promoting all these brands, but all of us know you just pulled them out or asked for them. Your marketing helps, but in my opinion (and based from real experiences because I own a fashion brand too), none of you guys show a good example to your readers. You support by showing that you're buying these pieces with your own money, and then you promote it in your beautiful blogs. The purpose is good, but it's being done wrong. I'm not gonna name names and I don't want to keep talking about this shit because I know I'm gonna get into trouble. But if you come to really think of it, I have a point. I'm not being negative. I'm just trying to point out a message about what I think it should be.

If you really support, you buy. Can't afford isn't even a good excuse. If you can shop all day at your favorite international retail brands like Zara, Topshop, and Forever21 yet you can't shed a single peso to actually purchase something local, then there's a problem.  Maybe at the back of your head, local stuff should be cheaper? Fuck no. We should all just stop producing then.

I'm not trying to push more sales. I'm just trying to set my message across of what I think is right and not pretentious.

Who cares about what I think anyway. I'm a stupid hoe.

Denim vest from Salad Day (P2,200)
Asymmetrical tank shirt from Salad Day (P900)
denim shorts DIY
Creepers from Dr. Martens
Fangs Cap from OS (P2,500)
Bone Cuff from OS (P1,200)

Printed jacket from Chief (sold out)
Shirt from Elevate Apparel (P400)
Necklace from Miadore (P1,500)
Pants from Don Protasio (P2,500)
Creepers from Demonia
Overbite Cap from OS (P3,000)

Gym shirt from Salad Day (P700)
Leather shorts from Proudrace (P3895)
Leggings from Black Milk
Creepers from Demonia
Overbite Cap from OS (P3,000)
Spinal Cord Harness from OS (P9,500)

Rainbows and Unicorns vest from Salad Day (price available upon request)
Buttondown shirt thrifted
Drop-crotch pants from Oxygen; (I forgot the price I bought it a long time ago)
Creepers from Demonia
Overbite Cap from OS (P3,000)
Worship Choker from OS (P1,500)

Overbite Cap from OS (P3,000)
Denim jacket with leopard sleeves from PREY (112 USD, P4,800) 
Hawaiian buttondown shirt thrifted
Pants from Topman
Creepers from Demonia

Vertebrae necklace from OS (P7000)
Shirt with cape from Proudrace (custom made! I love you Proudrace)
Leather shorts from Proudrace (P3895)
Jeans from Gian Romano (P2990 because it's discounted)
Creepers from Underground

In other news, probably the best email we have received ever came last Sunday night. Our stockist in Japan, FAKE TOKYO, told us that Rihanna passed by their store and bought three pieces of OS! I asked if they were able to take photos of her wearing it but unfortunately they weren't. We're hoping that she gets to wear it and be photographed. Better if she immortalizes them in a music video. So badass! Here's a photo of her taken at Fake Tokyo.

 We're so happy because we within a year of release, we were able to penetrate the international market with our bones. We're currently at Screaming in Taiwan, Fake Tokyo in Japan, Miracle Watts in Malaysia, and within this month Boys Boys Boys in Germany, Actually in Singapore, and more to come real soon but I can't tell yet. We never even imagined all of these would happen in less than a year. Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging but I'm really not. I'm just very very grateful for everything. It's so hard to imagine how our home-made bones reached quite a long way. It's crazy. Our third collection will be coming out by the end of the month of first week of May so stay tuned!

Check out my new favorite song. Clams Casino and A$AP Rocky!!!


  1. Where did you buy your thrifted button-downs. Ang gandaa :)

  2. Gosh, Paul, you never ever fail to surprise me with your amazing outfits and clothes!! Can I move to Manila and share clothes with you??? STAY AWESOME!

  3. Rihanna?!?!? seriously? yayyyyyyyy! I'm so excited for you guys! Oh, and of course, I love all of your looks.

  4. i knoW1 ITS kinda bit disheartening.. i mean .. how the purpose was defeated. pano masusupport kung sila naman taaga ang sinusupport .. haha. anyway.. GV! love the good news paulie! see u soonest

  5. I agree a lot on your opinion. But seeing I have not much money right now, I'll make up in the future. More posts like this! :D

    Almira :)

  6. Congrats with the Rihanna story, Paul! Ang cool niyo talaga, idol!
    And again, another thought provoking post! :) I think tama nga naman yun, as a seller din nakakarelate ako I get tons of "solicitations" through email or fb or multipy tapos popromote daw nila Anagon. Wala lang, naisip rin ako what "support" really means :)
    Yun lang! :) mwah!

  7. i find your 1st necklace, interesting. it reminds me of the "evil eye" that could ward off bad luck or curses.
    anyway, i'm wondering about ur bird skull (the black collection) costs. i'm dying to have one,
    yeah, you got this radiating individuality. keep it.

  8. i really love your blog your style i love every posted that's cool i am your fan

  9. I am not surprised that Rihanna bought some of your items. Aside from them being wonderfully and intelligently designed, OS has the aesthetic that RiRi obviously loves. Congrats! :)

  10. I love your straight forward attitude Paul! And that you're not afraid to speak whats on your mind, not many people does that these days! Also a massive congrats on Rhianna purchasing your bones :D

  11. Estupendo!!! Que buen blog. Felicidades.

  12. VERBAL pa lang with OS is already something! :Db we so proud ya'll!