Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last Saturday, which was a Black Saturday, most of our friends who chose stay-cation over vacation during the holy week visited our place for a pool party. It was really fun and interesting because it was my first time to hang out with some of them outside a night party. 

We tried to grill hotdogs and meat patties but the management scolded us (because it's not allowed), so AJ ended up frying everything. Still so good!

My favorite game ever. Watergun fight!

Karl tried to dive into the pool but for some reason, his knees went first. He got a huge cut on the knee that looked like a hairless vagina. AJ took him to the hospital because the cut was "too deep".

Indiebon's 90's girls playlist!

There were neon wigs everywhere! I didn't need one though. My hair's already too bright.

Jujiin wears Fangs cap!

Semana santa.

all photos from Indiebon and Inkarlcerating

Jujiin made a really cool video from last Saturday! Check it out below:

Our original party peg for last Saturday was Beyonce's "Party" music video. It's so campy like a 90's house party!


  1. you surely captured the fun you had! the video is a bonus! wow a smimming pool at the top of the building. thats cool!

  2. this pool party looks so awesome..!!! looks like so much funnn! ^_-

  3. HAHA The Dream Team