Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Day in Singapore

(1-2) Jackie and Bryan creeping on our hotel room door. 
(3-4) They brought us to the best place with the finest yet affordable SG delicacies! 
(5-6) Bryan's very busy! The food is waiting. 
(7-8) Jackie, Bryan, and me waiting for our milk teas / randomly met the Austra girls in the market! Starstruck
(9-10) Before we become authentic cool SG kids, we have to do neoprints. 
(11-12) Glittery duck faces versus Kawaii Vogue with cats 
(13-14) L-O-V-E how cheesy is thaaaat 
(15-16) Dr Martens and Creepers / Cheryl the cat 
(17-18) Pretty Geylang Boy vs AJ the Pimp 
(19-20) Neoprinting AJ the Pimp! 
(21-22) OS Boys 
(23-24) As far as I remember, I became friends with Cheryl first before Jackie and Bryan. She's so adorable and I already miss her! 
(25-26) Jackie has the cutest smile and the cutest voice :) Probably the sweetest girl I've met ever. / Bryan has supernatural powers of withstanding heat. The sun was up but he never took off his layers of knits, fur, and leather. So talented! 
(27-28) The unavoidable jump shots 
(29-30) Tartan, spikes, Igorot prints, Jeremy Scott 
(31-32) The worst part of the day was the time to say goodbye :(

I finally got to meet my good online friends from Singapore, Jackie, Bryan, and Cheryl. A After spending months and months of tweeting and leaving comments to their Lookbook accounts, I got to hang out with them in real life. It's funny because they were so much fun to be with! It felt like we've been long-time friends even though it was just our first meet-up. They're the best people ever (with impeccable fashion taste) and I can't wait to get back to Singapore and hang out with them again. x


  1. Looking at the photos, I thought you guys were old time friends! :) Cool pictures Paul, made me miss SG! :D

  2. Oh you make me miss SG too, this is Bugis right?
    It's a bit humid there but it's a big load of fun too hehe
    Looking great!

  3. oh my gosh! super cute ni AJ THE PIMP! ahaha! I love the hat and the bling! ang saya naman ng international blogger meet up!

  4. Awesome photos!!!!! So cute!!!!! Cool blog Paul!!!!!! <3