Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've been busy multi-tasking for quite some time lately. I and AJ are finishing the samples for our next collection in OS. It's pretty exciting because the third collection will be a bit different and unexpected. I can't wait to just release them! I've also been trying to update this blog as much as possible because it cheers me up when I have a new blog post. 

I rewarded myself with a night out with friends (yes I deserve a reward). I hung out with Bruce, Rutherford, Karla, and Willar last night. It was meant to be a Pizza Party but since we all waited for Bruce to finish his fashion show, we ended up hanging out in Moonleaf for a Tea Party. Sucks! Sucks more because it only lasted for 30 minutes. We had a great time driving to Moonleaf though so it wasn't really a waste. 

Anyway whenever you're with  your friends, you'll always have a good time whatever happens. Time well spent. It's morphine time!

Bart Simpsons shirt from SM
Tartan apron skirt and pants from Proudrace
Creepers from Underground
Overbite Cap from OS



  1. your blog makes me happy ^____^ i often think of me and my friends as the power rangers eh eh!

    1. that's so cool because your blog also makes me happy :)
      i think (with your hair) you're green ranger. haha!

  2. You post the best music! I love this version of "Let's Get Physical"! Love your look. xoxo

  3. i know! my friend found it online. haha :)
    Thanks tevis! still drooling over your the damned man haha

  4. Your blog looks so fun, i cant wait to look further into it!
    Thanks for the comment man :)