Monday, March 12, 2012


Hombre drape shirt from Oxygen
Hoodie vest from Oxygen
Jeans gift from Bryan Goh
Boots from Dr Martens

all photos by the amazing Edric Chen

My ultimate stress reliever is my Nintendo DS. I make sure I give myself at least four hours of playtime every single day. The only game I play is Pokemon. Ever since I was 7 I've already been obsessed with it. I guess I like Pokemon not just because of their they're cute, but also how they evolve and change forms forms, plus the fact that they vary in body shapes, types, attacks, uses, and so much more. I think it's the reason why my original designs for OS look like monsters. Pokemon highly influenced my aesthetic.

In other news, it's getting extremely hot in Manila now. Summer is officially here and can't wait to go to the beach! I love summer so much but it's giving me so much outfit problems right now because most of the clothes in my wardrobe are meant for cold weather. I need to replenish my wardrobe so dropped by Oxygen a few weeks ago. Their summer collection looks really fresh! I highly recommend Oxygen if you're looking for effortless summer shirts that are very chic and easy to pull off. I'm planning to go back really soon!


  1. great styling as always!

  2. So weird.. I've been playing Pokemon since 1999, and I'm pretty sure I was seven also. & yes, the only DS game I play is Pokemon! How excited are you for Pokemon black and white 2?