Sunday, March 4, 2012


Cape shirt from ОйлиШис
Drop-croch jeans from Oxygen
Veggie Creepers from Demonia
Vertebrae necklace from OS

I got this very enchanting cape from Johannes all the way from Germany! Check out the sweetest letter ever:

I was really surprised to find this in the mail! 

I met Johannes through a couple of months ago. I fanned him right away because his style is so eclectic and so unique. I'm a big sucker for stylish kids with authentic unconventional taste in fashion. We became even closer when he purchased the Vertebrae necklace from OS last month. I love the way he styles it! He always infuses his quirky yet edgy aesthetic into all his outfits. 

Johannes is a talented aspiring designer. This cape is one of the pieces from his upcoming first collection. I honestly can't wait to see the rest of his designs come to life!

Through moments like this, you can't help but be amazed with how small the world actually is. The internet can easily connect you to people you share the same interest with all over the world. 

Thanks Johannes for this amazing gift! Glad to have stumbled on your page!

Meanwhile, I think this is my perfect outfit while dancing to Grimes's Oblivion. She reminds me so much of the popular "Dayang Dayang" song in the 90's. I've been dancing to her album the whole weekend (no kidding). Check out my current earcandy! Special thanks to Indiebon for tagging me!